Magic Planter Box Terrace Garden

Magic Planters are the 21st generation containers which has over taken the vegetable gardening to different heights. The yield when compared to other containers, it has almost 20 to 25 % more yield because of the aeration walls of the planters. It provides maximum space for the root growth with perfect depth for maintaining sufficient plant population.

Garden Packages



  • Gardens Makes us feel better and healthy
  • Gardening inputs make gardens healthy
  • Gardeners make gardens better

What we are offering ???

Gardening inputs make garden healthy!!!! – How…?
Plant Doctor Assisttance
Garden Tools

Veggies that can be grown in this package

  • Cucumber
  • Bottle gourd
  • Ridge gourd
  • Snake gourd
  • Bitter gourd
  • Tomato
  • Chilli
  • Brinjal
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Bhendi
  • Beans
  • Palak
  • Methi
  • Amaranthus
  • Coriander
  • Dill
  • Gongura
  • Mint
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Parsley


  • Book an appointment by calling to +91 73491 81777 / +91 8861 950 777
  • Our garden consultant will visit your place.
  • He will analyze the terrace on different parameters like sunlight, building orientation, drainage, water source etc….
  • He will explain about the package details like crop selection, nutrients, medicines etc..
  • Once you confirm the package, He will call the garden maintenance team and confirm the garden setup date depending on customer preferable date and time
  • Our garden maintenance team will install the garden and RA person will explain about the use of nutrients, medicines, watering etc…
  • Along with RA, maintenance team also regularly follows up the garden status and receives the garden photos at 10 days interval.
  • At every 20 days interval gardener will be assigned to the garden to carry of garden and carry outs the plant care operations

Backend, Research Support


I am Geethashree, Graduated in Horticulture Now I'm working as a maintenance team lead in my dream garden. Our network mainly focuses on Terrace gardening. When it comes to the service offered by our network has several benefits in overcrowded cities like Bangalore. Here getting healthy food is a biggest challenge in this over crowded cities like Bangalore. For this our team is with a solution of growing kitchen garden on your own terrace.i.e. Terrace gardening...As terrace gardening not only supplies vegetables to your kitchen but it also acts as a mind refresherner, helps in utilizing empty space for a productive purpose and even family members can spend time working in the garden.Rather than finding a solution to a problem, taking precautions against them is important. As usual our gardeners will do that for you and our team provides you the door step service of a gardener.

To know more go through the vedio ……


150 to 200 sq ft area on your terrace 6-7 hours of direct sun-rays & Water source

Terrace Garden Package Setup

Plant care operation

Caring your plants with right operations at different stages may help you in harvesting basket full of fruits and vegetables to your kitchen. There are 6 to 8 main plant care activities in the vegetable gardening which can be learned by our skilled gardeners when they come to your garden for free maintenance.

Nutrient management

Right plant food at right stage of the crop will boost the growth and yield of the plant. Different plant growth stages require different nutrients like

  • Germination stage: Supply of Nitrogen will serve your plant to have balanced growth and this can be achieved by applying nitrogen rich manures. Use MDG seed sowing chart to get 100 % healthy germination.
  • Vegetative Stage: Plant growth & root development are the main activities which needs growth enhancers which are rich in Phosphorous.
  • Fruiting stage: Flowering and fruit booster’s plays very important role with high Potassium and Boron content.

Nutrient Management


Seed Showing Chart

Vegetative Fruiting

Pest and Disease management

Pest & Diseases are very common for the growing plants. One has to balance the ecological cycle by adopting integrated gardening activities for which we provide all the pest and disease controlling methods and medicines. It’s simple and very easy to follow.

Plant Doctor

Our Research associate (Plant Doctor) will visit your gardens in case of any severe issues due to sudden incidence of pests and diseases and also the same person will be assigned permanently to your garden to take care and to follow up regularly and to maintain the proper history of the garden.

Professionally skilled and trained gardeners

Rather than finding a solution to a problem, taking precautions against them is important. As usual our gardeners will do that for you and our team provides you the door step service with gardener...

These gardeners will be scheduled to maintain your garden by visiting your garden once in 20 days and will guide you in each and every aspect of plant care operations in your garden.


As we are into urban farming and Terrace garden since from past 7 years we understand the needs of customers in gardening industry and also we are starting GCTC in which lot of people will be trained regarding the gardening skills. We are also writing a book called Making India’s Biggest Agri-Tech Confederation which aims to solve the unemployment problem in India. We are in need of investments towards these activities. Your investment will directly support our projests and you can see the results in your own gardens itself.


  • Guidance will be provided when our gardener visits your home after set-up.
  • Full payment of garden setup should be done immediately on the day of setup.
  • Customer committed to water the plant everyday on their own and also nutrient, pesticides as suggested.
  • You can expect 80% of good results but for different (Climate Change) reasons some plants may get dry, attract bacteria, virus and diseases which can be treated only by chemical application only. For that we will transplant other seedlings or sow new seeds.
  • We will be committed to make your own Dream Garden in your home for that we need your cooperation as guided in the Garden Maintenance Mails.
  • There is No Refund once the Garden/Fabrication setup. Please contact the management for any issue on the same.
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