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An anti-fungal medicine effective against all fungal disease like Powdery mildew, Blight, Rust, leaf spot etc
·       Water soluble, stable, safe to humans and pets
·       Bio-degradable, no harm to environment

 Contents- sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, copper sulphate, botanical extract & other inert ingredients

Dosage- 5g in 1 litre of water, foliar spray on plants

MycoDim is a broad spectrum, water soluble, free flowing and contact foliar fungicide. It comprises of 3.5% Sodium bicarbonate, 3.5% Sodium Chloride, 5% Botanical Extract and 83% other inert ingredients.

Why to use

  • It is stable, safe to human beings and pets.
  • Provides 2 weeks of residual protection
  • Safe, biocompatible and biodegradable active ingredient, suitable for organic crop production.
  • Safe on vegetable and food crops. There is no residual problem
  • It has no phytotoxicity, at recommended dosages. MycoDim can be used for organic disease management.
  • It is mainly used to manage Downy mildews, Powdery Mildews, Pythium , Fusarium wilts , Botrytis rots, Anthracnose, Damping-off, Rusts , black spot, leaf spot and many other fungal diseases which affect vegetable, Fruits, Flowers and Ornamental plants.

When to use

  • To have better control on diseases it is recommended to spray BIOFIT at weekly interval from initial stage of plant growth (15 Days after sowing or transplanting)
  • Seedlings like Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli and Capsicum which are more prone to Damping off disease, it has to be applied to soil or Potting mix or Media used to grow the seedlings.
  • • MycoDim has to be sprayed on plants which show symptoms like Leaf spot, Fruit spot, Wrinkled leaves, Powdery like substance on leaves, Flowers, Fruits and stem.
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